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I see this topic come up all the time, both inside the dev team and in the community. Obviously we love both games, and there's tons of positive things we've pulled from both into Rome, as well as a bunch of things we learned to improve or not to bring in  (world timers from Viking anybody?! that isn't coming into Rome to be clear)

Would be great to see everyone's thoughts here. What did you love about Viking? About Conquistador? Did one edge out the other? 

Rome is a much bigger game, so we can't really compare Rome to the previous two entries in the series, but it's still very informative to hear what people think today when looking back at your experiences on both games. And who knows, maybe it'll inspire some of you to go back and play them again (or for the first time)

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Obviously I like them both, but for me, Conquistador is best. 

The reason is the exploration. In Viking, you had to unlock areas and visit them as they became plot relevant, and as a result you mostly do the areas when there is something in the mainq uest thar requires you there. In contrast, in Conquistador the world felt like your oyster. You could go anywhere you wanted anytime just for exploring, and there were huge areas to the west that you never visited if you only follow the main plot. You could go into the unknown any time you wanted and truly felt like an explorer. IN Viking you felt more as part of a plot. 


In Viking, the city exploration is great tho, and the cities really look amazing and feel amazing to walk around and explore. It really felt like a lively world you can experience and enjoy. I also think the story is better, and the ending mechanic is better. (Although I think how to achieve different endings is something that can be worked on in both games) I think the Expeditions feel is essential, so therefore I'd rate Conquistador a bit higher than VIking. 

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I only played Vikings. But, what a game ! I loved it. I loved the plot and how the player's decisions affected the world/the quests/the hird. I loved the characters, their personalities, even the NPCs were wonderfully written. I loved the music, so perfect. I loved exploring towns and all (and grabbing absolutely everything I could, haha). And I didn't disliked the timeline. I thought it was logical into the scenario, to have to succeed and really completing your quest before the Althing. (English isn't my mother tongue so it's hard for me to really express my feelings about this game)

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