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  1. Thank you ! I wasn't be able to watch the streams on twitch because of work, I can rewatch them (and share them) on YouTube ! 😄 (and it's helpful I can there add automatic subtitles to help me understand what it's said ! 👍)
  2. I only played Vikings. But, what a game ! I loved it. I loved the plot and how the player's decisions affected the world/the quests/the hird. I loved the characters, their personalities, even the NPCs were wonderfully written. I loved the music, so perfect. I loved exploring towns and all (and grabbing absolutely everything I could, haha). And I didn't disliked the timeline. I thought it was logical into the scenario, to have to succeed and really completing your quest before the Althing. (English isn't my mother tongue so it's hard for me to really express my feelings about this game)
  3. 1/ IsaMajor or Isa. 2/ I've played Vikings and I really loved the game (300+ hours on it, I tried to do every choice or route, I've researched all dialogues and etc into the editor...). And since I'm French, I've been really impressed by the translation, too. 3/ I like classical RPGs (not action ones) and games like Civilization and Crusader Kings. Bonus : I've three cats (Missy, Nugget and Patapon)
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