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  1. Cool stuff! A few questions for the stream: Apparently this game is going to be "much bigger" than previous titles. Does that only refer to the geographic scope or also to the amount of content? Tricky question, I know, but what would an estimate for the overall playtime be? Any insight into the sources used to research the time period and the various regions in the game? Was there any particular effort to reflect social and cultural aspects of the time, not just visual elements? I was particularly impressed with how Viking handled the former. Speaking of Viking, fairly frequ
  2. Gwydden, shockingly enough. I've played both previous games, though I am currently working on finishing them. Of the two, Viking is much more my speed. I'd say I play about 60% strategy games, 30% RPGs, and 10% small indie titles (platformers, point & click adventures, co-op games...). Alas, no pets. Too expensive. Hope springs eternal, though.
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