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  1. Of the different boxes mentioned here that side quests should fill, I am quite interested in the second one: that they present the player with an interesting and important choice. This brings up the question of what makes a choice important. Of course it can be a lot of things, and what probably matters most is making the player feel like the choice was important, like it had weight and the stated consequences of their choice in the games fiction actually happened. Say if you were meeting with a visiting king from an african nation, and you can make a decision to teach him about greek philosop
  2. The mechanics of controlling the legion sounds and looks really interesting! I hope the narratives and missions that are tied into it feel similarly deep and worthwhile compared to the quests and writing in the rest of the game.
  3. A couple of thoughts and concerns occur to me when reading this diary. Starting out from the premise of a historical RPG in Rome, I am interested and excited in the game. Some of the things mentioned or omitted here do stand out to me. First, I'm a little disappointed to read that the game is always about a patrician's son/daughter. It would have been a really cool choice to make the game have multiple different origins that the player can choose from. Considering what a diverse society Rome was at this time, being able to see more of it and experience it's different sides from multiple perspe
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