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  1. Tokala - I wrote some comments, but did not introduce myself - not very polite, Iam sorry. I played Conquistador (after Vikings) and enjoyed it very much - it made me play Vikings again, especially since I did not finish it completely the last time. The concept is outstanding altogether. My favourite games are indeed turnbased RPG`s, preferrably with a good story, intelligent dialogues , deep characters (it all started with Baldur`s Gate, yes :-), but to mention a few newer ones , e.g. Tyranny or Blades of the Shogun). And since good ones take their time to develop I sometimes e
  2. I´d like to add something positive for a change;-) regarding Vikings. To craft your own weapons and armour was a very good idea I think and I don`t mind , that the party does not have the first move (like in Conquistador), because it is an additional challenge to find the right starting positions. And I love the Healing comments during a fight, especially Gunnar`s 🙂
  3. I answered already, but because I enjoyed Conquistador so much(and finished it now), I started a new play of Vikings (which I did not finish totally before). Therefore I have a fresh comparison now. What really got me is how bad and simple the dialogues are written (very good in Conquistador) - diplomacy doesn`t help much either. What happenened there? Maybe out of time pressure? And every "hickup" produces a moral change on top. Annoying , dissatisfying quests like the "Red Wedding" or "Kill the rats", which leave too few options to solve. Camping, yes - no possibility to see what
  4. Hi, I agree with Figure. I prefer Conquistador (which Iam playing right now) for the same reasons and this even though Vikings are one of my favourite settings. I loved Vikings as well - I was more touched by the characters, but I hate Damokles`swords hanging over my head. But Vikings lead me to Conquistador:-) I enjoy the gameplay , the great narratives and the concept altogether. So Iam a little concerned about the new game, which adds all kinds of new skill mechanics - I hope it will not get too overloaded. I would have been happier about a different setting l
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