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    Blades of old

    Hey all one of my normal hobbies is old wartime stuff Ie tanks / guns / equipment, so it seems fitting to discuss what little I know of bladed weapons. There for how about one of the fancy blades of old for example the kukri knife used for centuries by the people of Nepal as a knife / machete for farming, utility and war, during WW2 (?) they even fitted them on the ends of rifles as bayonets. Now the Kukri is not a simple knife with a blade that raps around its a single sided curved blade (with a little notch so when the enemy leaks your hands dont get messy) so I will admit I dont see why th
  2. Sit down and relax with several hours worth of Expeditions Rome content! We upload each DevStream on Friday after the stream, so stay tuned here to catch any streams you may have missed. As we near the release of the game, you’ll get even more streams to keep you in-the-know for everything Expeditions:Rome! DevStream #1 – Game & Vision Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOeaHS0Grjw&list=PLY7YOSaI0JAN9GgBnX-8R93_ZoGRCUU7-&index=1 Description: Come listen to Brad + Jonas talk through their vision for Expeditions:Rome. Discussing mainly the core game and the pillars the
  3. We wish our forums to be a place for everyone to be able to have an open discussion about our game and to make sure of this we added a few guidelines. - Respect for fellow community members. - Any and all feedback is welcome just be civil about it. - Do not beg devs for favors. - While our game contains quite a lot about religion as well as politics we ask that you keep these subjects game or game-era related. - Make sure to keep your posts on topic. - No spam/flooding. - No advertising. - No adult content. - Always listen to admins/mods. All rules can be altered an
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