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  1. Heya I'm Kush, Huge history fan on most areas of the world, veteran, and current grad student. Played the Expeditions games since Conquistador and I greatly enjoyed Vikings, so here is hoping for Rome to kick this outta the park as well!~ Been a life long gamer, started with shooters like Halo and Cod, 4X games like to Civilization and Total War, to RPGs like Knights of the Old Republic and Dragon Age to Logic Artists. List goes further but i think it's a fair summarization. Both me and my girlfriend are really looking forward to this game, see you all in Rome comrades!~
  2. Heya, love the update and I got some thoughts on it. While I do enjoy the varied companions listed above from across the Mediterranean setting, I was hoping for more notable companions after the plethora of standout companions in Expeditions Viking. I think there were 8 fleshed out iconic companions with their own distinct voices that you could get in your hird in Viking and only five in Rome seems a bit of a regress. I was thinking it would be awesome to get like a rival Gallic prince/princess who opposes Vercingetorix, hell maybe a grizzled phalanx with a bitter chip on his shoulder to Ro
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