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Found 2 results

  1. All in all, I really enjoyed this game. It's interesting, fun, and challenging. The graphics worked great and my choices in the game would change the course of actions and where I would end up. Somethings that I wish would happen though is the following: After or while in Egypt you get a change to rename your legion. Everyone who is a fan of ancient Rome has that one legion they prefer, for me it's the II Augustus and the mighty X. Once Egypt is done and you are more or less a proconsul, you should have more than one legion. With that being said how about fixing the game play in Gaul, where rather than leading one legion to conquer a land the size of France and 5 million peoples, you have an Army split between you and the dictator. Then make the legion battles having in charge of other Legates or Tribunes that you recruit rather than Centurions. You always see information about the Marian Reforms, this should be part of the game play somehow, as these reforms of the legions happened prior to Julius Caesars death I take it. This could also mean getting rid of the Velites and Hastati and perhaps introducing the cavalry dismounted of course to the game. Cavalary men could take the place of the Triarii and the hastati and principes would become legionaries. Make the Velites change in to optios, as any good leader knows you need some under officer with you. maybe introduge the Eagle Aquilifer as well since that person would go with the general in charge. A big part of all this is that you as the player are replacing for good or ill the real-life Caesar. Some more events taht he affected should be in the game play, and places he went should show. Spain would be a nice DLC for all this as would becoming first man and more meeting with Crassus and Pompey. Just my notes, would love to see if this was possible and to see where it can go.
  2. until
    Our first DevStream on https://www.twitch.tv/thqnordic Come meet Senior Producer Brad Logston and Creative Director Jonas Wæver as we kick the first of many DevStreams to come!
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