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Windows 10 GamePass won't Start Expeditions: Rome


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Hi, Today, I started the game fine, I shot down my PC, then come back today. Xbox app gives the error message when I try to start the game 

(This App Can't Open, check Microsoft Store for more details about Rome: Expeditions)


I have other games on gamepass, but only Rome stopped working. Fyi, I got the Death or Glory DLC if that makes a difference.

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Edit: Fixed the issue by jumping through hoops but here's what I think ultimately worked.

Updated, Xbox app and Microsoft store. 

Then I went to the xbox app, went to Expeditions:Rome in my library, then I chose Manage. Then click on Files then Verify and Repair.


Takes a while to verify game files then I was able to launch it.

Goddamit Microsoft better fix their stuff, Gamepass is a great service but all their software is unreliable. Reminds me of the Games for Windows nightmare.


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