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Early fights are either really difficult or really easy.


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As the title says some of the fights available in the demo are really easy to cheese if you do them a certain way, i don't know if this is intended and if it is i really like it. The 2 examples in the demo being the ambush and the ship burning fight. During the ship burning if you start by burning the ships rather then taking out the guards you can then just have Syneros or Julia run to the other ship and toss the fire, i recommend both because if Syneros dies then Julia can finish the job. Later when the ambush comes around you can do something similar by have Syneros run to Thermus and everyone else start the retreat, then have Syneros heal Thermus and have the two of them run back to the safe zone. Now i have only beat these fights on Caesar difficulty but i imagine the ship burning is no different, and the ambush can still be done the same way if you give you second fastest party member a bandage and have them go with syneros and then both heal Thermus, Thermus gets attacked on the way back but in all three of my playthroughs only he gets attacked because the positioning of the enemies puts them to far for an attack of opportunity on Syneros. I kinda hope the devs not only intended for some fights to be done in a more tactical exploitative way but i hope there are more fights like this in the game, if there is then it will make high mobility characters like the Medic subclass really powerful.

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