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Feedback to the dev to keep some historical authenticity and make everyone happy


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I would like first and foremost to thanks the Dev for their hard work in creating this great game. As a lover of Roman history, this game gave to me an opportunity I rarely have felt possible, to command and lead my own Roman legion.

The game is great albeit there are a couple of liberties I do understand you dear Dev took and I think for the most time you did took them in a very intelligent way. Julia as a spy, secret agent type is brilliant and believable because nobody back in those time would suspect a woman being a military agent. I also love Bestia, he is a gladiator from Mauretania that managed to secure a better life for himself. Deianira coming from Scythian background is great as well because make her being a warrior is absolutely believable.

You did your research well and managed to create a diverse cast of characters in a very believable way. However there is a point in which I think you made a light mistake. The fact that we cannot select the picture of our Praetorian/Centurions that we recruit and are NOT proper companions. The issue is that these Centurions were historically very seasoned soldiers that achieved that position through their ability in battle and courage. When I get to hire these people I get welcomed by pictures of barely 18 years old guys or people that clearly never touched a sword in their own life. THIS is immersion breaking for me. When I think about a Centurion I imagine a grizzled veteran with scars and battles under his belt.

I do understand you wanted to create a wide variety of pictures to reflect everyone choice however I would really appreciate if you could allow us to choose the picture of our recruit when we hire them. So can fully customise how we want our Centurions and Praetorian to look like.

This solution would a be a win-win for everyone. We all can play the way we want and have total control over our experience.

Hope you manage to read this dear dev. You did a great job. May Jupiter bless you!

P.S. A good DLC idea would be more portraits for us choose.

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The game is great, it is rarely that so many elements of gameplay, roleplaying and management is assembled into one. The legionary battles could be improved. I struggle to imagine what I am fighting. So there can be improvement. Perhaps some stationary, 3d, top down, diagonal view of images of the units themselves. A single stationary Rome Total War battlefield image would be enough for now, as an introduction to any battle.

Google image search Rome Total War battlefield

Just a single image to give people an idea what they are fighting and then perhaps you can improve later on over time, what you want to ... give more detail what is happening during the battle...

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