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Three points of feedback


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I've played all of the expeditions titles so far and I put everything else aside this weekend to play this game, as such I've so far put roughly 30 hours into the game.

I have 3 points of feedback which keep nagging at me when playing the game so I feel like I must pass them on to the devs or I'll go crazy so here goes.

I should also clarify that I'm enjoying the game so far.


Let us assign our companions/centurions/praetorians from the world map. Of course this should only be possible when you're right next to a camp but the way this works now is a massive time waster. Every time one companion is wounded I am now forced to go back to camp from where ever I might be, sit through a 10 second loading screen. Then run for another 10 seconds in the camp to stand next to the correct tent, and then go through another 10 seconds of loading screen when leaving the camp. Only to have to repeat those same two steps in order to "retrieve" them from the medical tent. All in all, you end up spending about a minute for something that should take about 10 seconds. Since this is something that needs to be done quite often in the game, it feels like my time is not being respected and I'm having to go through meaningless busywork.



Skill selections for your weapons seem to be randomly scrambled. I don't know how many times I've had to scream in frustration because one of my companions no longer has aid selected as one of their skills in the second weapon set. I've not done any testing as to what is the cause of this but it happens frequently. The most likely culprit is perhaps if the weapon in the main weapon set is changed then the skill selection on the second weapon set is also scrambled.
Going into combat and suddenly finding that none of your characters has the ability to heal/stabilise/put out a fire on someone without the use of a tactical item is simply put infuriating and this needs to be fixed.


3. Beware! Here be spoilers for Act 1!


The wording on some of the clues that lead you to the Tomb of Achilles is really quite confusing, specifically on the item Symbol of the Warrior Brooch which goes as follows:
"Turn south if our guidance you seek. Cross the channel and search the beach. His weapon is within your reach."

The definition of channel as it pertains to this is as follows: "A length of water wider than a strait, joining two larger areas of water, especially two seas."

The problem with all this is that what immediatley comes to mind is the Dardanelle strait, which to make it even more complicated is called a strait.
Now before looking this I had no clue that such a thing as the channel of mytiline existed, which is what the text refers to. I don't have a good fix for this either but perhaps this text needs a second pass or something because I ended up exploring every single meter of beach that was on the main land and the thought of going back to Lesbos never once occured to me.

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