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Bug - Garrison recruits


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At the end of Act 1 I had an empty space to hire a praetorian. I rerolled a bunch of times until I saw just the guy I needed. I tried to hire him, but the game would hire a random praetorian that I had fired before. I tried many times but I just couldn't hire a new guy even though the option was here. Now in Act 2 the garrison looks like this. I can't see anything from the second column and if I try to  hire that Triarius with <Missing string> it's going to hire the Princeps on the top right. 

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I also experienced this.

Additionally I had an issue where this character corruption issue occured when my character was assigned to the garrison for recruitment during the Egypt campaign.

My game had some sort of glitch where it simultaneously treated him as unassigned from the garrison (not visible in the outpost assignment screen) but also assigned to the garrison in all the other menus (inventory, garrison party screen and selection for encounters).

This meant I could never bring him into any engagement and could also never dismiss him from my Praetorians. In larger scale battles this prevented me from bringing my full set of praetorians to the encounter.


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