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Poor choice in Twitch Players for event...

SISU- Yooper

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As the title states, unfortunately this is a big issue! 

The Twitch event started Wednesday Jan 19 @10pm, and ends Monday Jan 31st @ 7am.

The "regular drops" as I'll call them were easy enough to obtain as there were many choices in live streamers with drops activated.

Regular Drops: Autumn Leaves Color Theme, Arrows Emblem, Galley Trophy, THQ Nordic Trophy, Treasure Chest Trophy, Dark Rose Color Theme, Imperial Eagle, Speculator Trophy.

Below is where the issues lie. 

Twitch Streamers:


CohhCarnage -First played - 24 Jan. Last played - 25 Jan.

Drops: Cold Steel Color Theme, Wings Emblem.

Played a total of 8hrs. They no longer have Expeditions Rome on their stream schedule and expressed that they are no longer playing. They also have been playing ELEX and Shadow Warrior 1 & 2. They constantly ignore requests to play Exp:Rome when asked what game to play with the free time they have.


BurkeBlack - First played - 20 Jan. Last played - 24 Jan.

Drops: Skull and Bones Emblem, Burkeblack Color Theme.

Played a total of  20hrs (He played for 9hrs a month before release and the event) taking out his 3hrs of cooking show and hour of just chatting on screen and alt tabbing out to play another game. They no longer have Expeditions Rome on their stream schedule and expressed that they are no longer playing.


BikeMan - First played - 20 Jan. Last played - 25 Jan.

Drops: Bikeman Color Theme, Gladiator Emblem.

Played a total of 31hrs (He played for 7hrs 41m a month before release and the event) They no longer have Expeditions Rome on their stream schedule.


Cringer - First played - 20 Jan. Last played - Currently live.

Drops: Cringer Color Theme, Canis Rex Emblem.

Played a total of  72hrs and going. He is currently streaming Exp: Rome as I type this. Unfortunately he takes weekends off for those who missed it.


So, as you can see there is a huge inconsistency with the chosen players and their time committed to the game and the event. There is less than 3 days left of play time and three out of the four do not have it on their schedules  and two have said in their live streams that they are no longer playing because other games have their interest. One has directly ignored chat requests to play it even when he asks chat what he should play. This is very unnerving to tie rewards like this to a game when the some of the people chosen to broadcast your game don't even play long enough to complete the time requirements for the event. Yes, I know people have lives and other commitments. But, when they are labeled as a "special"  or "sponsored" streamer they should put in the effort to promote the game.

On a side note I love the game!

I got into because of the Twitch event and watching Cringer's stream. Sadly the Twitch event and rewards could've been handled better.





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I ABSOLUTELY 100% agree with the above post. The ONLY person streaming with Drops enabled is Cringer and the other streamers have stopped streaming this game. I want to stream this game but the I cannot get the Extension to link inside the game. I have a bug submission and a post in the "Feedback forum" already posted for that error. Today is January 28th and the drops for Cringer's stream is completely disabled although the extension (for me and a few others) to interact with the game works.

This drop for this game is a complete culsterfuck of a mess it seems.

1.) People who want to have drops (as I do) can NOT link the code in the game to Twitch (no support for this only bug reports).
2.) People who want to get the drops cannot get the time to increment at all and are stuck at whatever percentage after Patch 1.1.4 was pushed. Before Patches 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 the drops thing was working. Again, NO support for this problem from THQ or developers or anyone.
3.) Extremely TIRED of testing this bullshit and I will be disabling this stupid extension completely. I am done with this horsecrap and have wasted over 5 hours troubleshooting the drops to work. I am NOT ALONE IN THIS!
4.) The game is excellent the DROP fiasco is a FREAKIN DISASTER! Shamefully bad coding! I will remember this in the future and so will my fellow game streamers.
5.) Only ONE streamer (Cringer) as of January 28th has drops working and most people cannot get it to work in his stream. The ability is sporadic.
6.) Burke and Bikeman and Cohh stopped streaming and no drops work since they are streaming other game now. POOR DECISON CHOICE on the part of THQ et al.
7.) Sent an email with problem with connecting to Twitch in the game itself to a DEVLOPER of the extension and NO REPLY from that developer. Lack of caring about the extension, drops, etc. I don't know who is to blame or if they are super busy, but many people can NOT connect to Twitch using the in-game connection. Always times out.
8.) Lack of direct ability to know which forum is the LEGIT and correct one to offer support or feedback. Is it Steam? Is it the TGQ website? Is it this website? Whay are there TWO different bug reporting sites for this game? Is there anyone in charge of this mess to make sense of it? No knows or cares. What a lame way to run a business, seriously.

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

2022-01-28 10_08_45-.png

2022-01-28 10_14_18-Twitch and 39 more pages - Personal - Microsoft Edge.png

2022-01-25 18_43_29-Expeditions_ Rome.png

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FYI complete UNINSTALL (and reinstall) of the entention via Twitch, complete cookie removal, complete restart of Operating System (multiple times) has been done. I have a strong suspicion it is the CODE WRITERS who are to blame for this mess and not the user. LEARN TO CODE please!

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Update: As of today Cringer is still playing (streaming now), but this is his last day as he takes weekends off.

Burke and Bike still have nothing scheduled. 

A big and odd surprise even after stating he was done playing CohhCarnage has in his live stream that he is doing Rome later for drops. 3.5hrs later still streaming Shadow Warrior 2. He has been playing ELEX and SW 1 & 2 instead of the game he was sponsored to play so he can be ready for the release of the next installments of these titles. 

It blows my mind that THQ would pick some of these people to sponsor that barely play or stream the game they were chosen for let alone given specific items in said game as loot.

Next time around do better research on your streamers and who you sponsor. Especially the one's you make specialized loot in game for. Your player base will thank you!

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As of 1/29/22

Cringer: is the clear leader in streaming. He has been diligently playing 6+hrs every day as well as today which is usually his day off.

BikeMan: is busy playing other games. Stopped playing Exp Rome 4 days ago.

BurkeBlack: after a 4 day hiatus he gave us 3hrs and then is currently streaming now.

CohhCarnage: decided to stream for 1hr 30mins today and then say "I've done everything I can to get you guys drops." "I'm very sorry if you were close and didn't get the drop, I  already gave some extra time" So his total contribution to this event and promotion of the game was 9hrs 30mins.

So at the end of all this I hope all of the people attempting to get their drops were able to with the limited time given by some of the streamers. As I stated in the original post. If you're going to make specific drops for specific streamers at least ensure they're going to play the bloody game!

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