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Third Act Siege


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I know the game is relatively new and this siege is relatively late, but I haven no clue how a section of this fight is even remotely feasible and cannot find any information about it. It's honestly a bit absurd. You left a group behind to blow a dam. Your unit decides to spawn on the opposite side of the map, despite the dam being their own position. You have another group on a hill, that is completely safe, but supposedly you are trying to blow the dam to stop enemies from coming to them. They don't come to them. They come to you. There are 50 rooks on my map right now, all with torches and oil. A massive group goes right for the dam at the start of the fight, setting the entire area on fire. In fact, the entire place is on fire (of course, the wooden dam is impervious to fire, it is wet of course /s). I have to run through this fire, and 50 rooks, to do 50 damage at three separate locations. No one makes it without burning to death, even veles. And if they do, they still have to destroy two more, without burning to death. The medicus has no chance of making it all the way there with cure charges remaining. I am struggling to believe anyone could accomplish this without dozens of tries. The game did not communicate at any point before entering the town that I needed 4 veles with marathon, water jugs, and ideally stoneskin at that location for slim chance of victory. I really would prefer not to start the entire, long, tedious siege over for this section to be viable. This is by far the worst designed section I've seen in an expeditions game so far, and if there's some amazing trick I'm missing I'd really like to know. 

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You are not supposed to fight here basicly. 

Im probably to late in answering but the trick is to torch the 3 objektives. 


Hopefully you have atleast 1 torch and 1 greek fire with you that helps. 
Grab 3 oil on the map and 1 torch if needed. Hug the topp wall and rush towards the end of the map. Throw the oil and put it aflame. 


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I completed this on the first round. Its all about strategy. I ended up killing everyone on the hill so that ended up just being a click through but running to the dam wasnt hard as long as you picked up water and fire along the way. Also ensure your Sagittarius has the fire shot and that will take care of two parts and you can melee the 3rd.

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