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Recommended QoL Improvements After First Play Through


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Have about 90 hours logged in the game and have some thoughts on quality of life improvements for the game.

Firstly I want to say the game on launch felt really polished, engaging and overall delivered a lot of fun. However, with some small tweaks there could be some really good improvements on the strong foundations.


Display tactical equipment and character abilities on character selection screen:

Whenever you're selecting characters for an encounter you can see things like health, damage, crit chance, etc. but you don't get to see other crucial information like what abilities they have assigned or what tactical equipment they're carrying.

This can lead to situations where you don't bring enough characters with bandages, fire based devices or whatever it might be or you have one character that has a particular ability unlocked but another one that doesn't that would be tactically beneficial to the situation.

In surprise encounters you can't navigate back to check who has what equpped so adding this in would definitely eliminate this problem.


Warning symbol for walking over calthrops similar to walking through fire:

This could be done in two ways. These items could be highlighted similar to the way that treasure/enemies are highlighted or a warning symbol could appear showing you'll incur damage by navigating through that path.

With lighting, weather, and other effects like oil and various other elements stacking together it can be hard to see where you've thrown your calthrops at times.


Increase ability to zoom out slightly:

In certain situations it would be very difficult to tell if your archers could target certain characters due to limitations of the camera orientation, usually how far you could zoom out.

Increasing this would make it easier to make better tactical decisions in regards to your archer placement.


Game objects preventing damage or attacks to certain characters:

This didn't come up too often but once it was tactially advantageous to me to place a rally banner on top of a character I had to kill. As this was a friendly object I wasn't allowed to kill the incapacitated character because the game considered it as me wanting to attack a non-hostile element.

It would be better if the game prioritised incapacitated characters over placeable objects.


Weapon modification simplification and adjustment of how resources are consumed:

The weapon modification system isn't overly intuitive and can lead to you thinking you're about to change the modifier you want but instead modifying something else and locking in an ability you did want to change.

Additionally, rather than having to change multiple dropdown menus and recraft each time you want to change one thing, the resources could increase based on the number of things you want to change. E.g. 10/20/30 pristine metal needed based on number of modifiers adjusted. Essentially this allows you with one click to lock in your perfect weapon build rather than multiple clicks which can accidentally reset values you want to keep.


Also user Outlander36 had some good points of feedback which can be found here, just thought I'd link so it's included as part of one thread: 



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