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How about a FAN KIT for the Live Streamers? Lack of Promotion is Abysmal for this excellent game!


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Can we ever get a fan kit with the logo of the game that is a transparent PNG file or other goodies for our live stream? I find it highly ironic that there is NO love at all for people who livestream your games and you offer NO images or specialty items to them as a graphical endeavor. Also TRY and just Google or Bing the words "expeditions Rome logo" and see how abysmal the selection is? Why is the developer NOT promoting their own game via live streamers effectively? At all? The initial two-day promotion wherein the free giveaways form the big streamers ended and no one got all the rewards and only ONE big streamer was still streaming the game consistently! Why is the marketing of this game so BAD!!!! Do not get me started on the Twitch fiasco!

Would it be too much trouble to have a freakin' Expeditions: Rome background image for our desktops at least? Ultrawide anyone? SERIOUSLY? How is this not even a thing over there at THQ?
Why is the OFFICIAL website so DEVOID of anything to download or even read or look at????? Why is this website so poorly made? ONE PAGE? HALF a PAGE??? Really? I guess you guys hate your own game is that it? HALF a page is all we get officially to promote this amazing game? Who died over there at THQ and no one took up the mantle to promote it? Are you guys filthy rich and care not for PROMOTION of this game?
Expeditions: Rome | THQ Nordic GmbH

Who is charge of the marketing over there at THQ? Are they asleep behind their desk or would you like to MAKE SOME MONEY for once? Hello..................?

You guys do realize this is now 2022, not 1988 right?
Can we get with the times please? Hello? Bueller?

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