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Mors Tua Vita Mea


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I don't understand how come the similarly formulated achievement Mors Tua Vita Mea ("Perform a takedown with every type of weapon in the game") still eludes me.

If sword, spear, shield, pike, staff, bow, fist are indeed all the "weapon types" (as Pilum, Torch, Calrops etc. are listed as either Tacticals or Throwables/Consumables) and knock down is defined as bringing an enemy to zero health (from codex: "If you take down an enemy with an attack that deals more than double the amount of damage than the Health they have left, that enemy will be instantly slain"), then I should have unlocked that achievement a couple times over (well, you don't kill that many with fists).

Anyway, got all weapon-type takedown in a single fight and the achievement still didn't pop up. Geez, bugged achievements really do annoy me.

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