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Set of bugs


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A number of bugs encountered recently (don't know how to search for if any of them have been reported earlier):

- There's an obsolete battle tip about the enemy being destroyed when reduced below the 1200 mark. This is no longer true. They still flee when down to a couple of hundred rather than scatter as they did before, which makes the tactic of chasing them having a questionable value.

- The horribly bad save handling of the engine used interacts very poorly with the frequent auto saving and the fact that these saves aren't cleared automatically. By the end of the campaign the auto save clutter slows save game list interaction down to 30 seconds or so per action.

- The removal of old saves (needed because of the above) is buggy in that saves that were removed can reappear when the game is accessed in subsequent play sessions. Not all of them, and I don't think I've noticed any reappearing more than once.

- Something causes names of deleted saves be blocked from being reused for new saves.

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Another one: Fake treasure. I've seen them before, chests looking like treasure chests on the world map, but without the highlight glow. This time I saw the Treasure Found indication show up with an indication at where such a chest was spawned when examining a lookout tower (and no other treasure spawned). I've seen such chests being gone after a save has been reloaded, so they won't clutter up the map indefinitely.

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