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Is health way better than armor?


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I feel like I'm missing the factors to consider in the math here, but...

With all the ways to bypass armor value (from flanking to penetration abilities and so on), aren't you just better off having more health instead of more armor?  What's the advantage of having  points in armor over points in health?  Someone please enlighten me.

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Armour is constant padding, ie. protects you from an amount of damage equal to its value on every attack.

If someone attacks you for 5 damage, while you have 5 armour, they will be doing 0 damage on every attack on every turn, unless they shred armour first or have specific abilities that bypass the armour.

If they attack your health, and you have 20 health, you'll be dead in 4 turns.

The importance of armour depends. Some classes rely on dodging blows (veles) and others on simply not being in melee range of enemies (archers). But for princeps (tanks) armour is very important, probably more important than health.

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