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  1. The weapons skill system is confusing to read about, but we'll see it in 2 days. Does a weapon unlock more abilities as it gets better and it randomizes on the weapon tier's abilities (for example, a tier 2 drop has all tier 1 abilities and randomizes tier 2), or you get random abilities through the whole ability tree with each drop, and the better ones have a chance to not have some of the more basic abilities (it may be slight, but still a chance)? Thanks!
  2. I have only played Expeditions Vikings yet, but I'm looking to buy Conquistador in a few days. I loved the plot, the branch that I took the first time was pretty much predictable with Nefja, as all the characters say when you ask about it, but from the achievements I get that you have other options if you don't go after that option. The one thing that felt pretty heavy were long texts when a lot of explanations where needed, and after working all day, it was a little more tiring. I think that it would be easier to go through the game if, at least the long explanations were narrated or h
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