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  1. I'm late for this question but I'll ask anyway. I really liked what I've heard of the soundtrack, will it be available as media files for us to play outside the game? It's not shown as a deliverable in the game, but I see that for Viking there was a separate DLC for that (on the same day according to GOG).
  2. Hello, I'm Redglyph or Red. Expeditions: Viking. My first contact with Expeditions, after following the Dev Diaries for a while, was the demo of Rome. I wanted to see another game of the series before the release, so I recently started Viking. Too early to tell which will be my favourite 😇 Classical RPGs, favourites being Pathfinder Kingmaker & WotR. Also played D:OS, PoE, Encased, ATOM, Solasta... Other than that, I used to play a lot on flight sims like P3D, X-Plane, IL2, DCS, for training and for fun. Then some puzzle games like Exapunks, Opus Magnum, The Swapper, ...
  3. Very exciting, I'm really looking forward to the game 🙂 Would it be possible to clarify how companions may die? And perhaps how that is different for "story" companions vs "non-story" characters? From the two in-game screenshots below, I understand that: story companions don't die in combat unless the Combat Death option is turned ON non-story NPCs may die in combat from their injuries if not treated (but they won't be instantly killed by enemies) Could story companions still die from their injuries after the combat due to injuries (or possibly injuries from something
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