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The full playlist of all the Expedition Rome VODs


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Sit down and relax with several hours worth of Expeditions Rome content! We upload each DevStream on Friday after the stream, so stay tuned here to catch any streams you may have missed. As we near the release of the game, you’ll get even more streams to keep you in-the-know for everything Expeditions:Rome!

DevStream #1 – Game & Vision
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOeaHS0Grjw&list=PLY7YOSaI0JAN9GgBnX-8R93_ZoGRCUU7-&index=1

Description: Come listen to Brad + Jonas talk through their vision for Expeditions:Rome. Discussing mainly the core game and the pillars they have had to climb during its development and close it off with a number of questions from you the community

DevSTream #2 – Core Combat
Link: https://youtu.be/dfl3S72MZMI?list=PLY7YOSaI0JAN9GgBnX-8R93_ZoGRCUU7-

Description:  Brad interviews both Jonas and  Hans, the game’s Combat Designer. We deep-dive into the basics of combat, show some cool new gameplay footage, and theorycraft some fun combat scenarios with our exciting skills system, including Greek-fire (a surprisingly hot Greek-fire)


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