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Blades of old


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Hey all one of my normal hobbies is old wartime stuff Ie tanks / guns / equipment, so it seems fitting to discuss what little I know of bladed weapons. There for how about one of the fancy blades of old for example the kukri knife used for centuries by the people of Nepal as a knife / machete for farming, utility and war, during WW2 (?) they even fitted them on the ends of rifles as bayonets. Now the Kukri is not a simple knife with a blade that raps around its a single sided curved blade (with a little notch so when the enemy leaks your hands dont get messy)  so I will admit I dont see why they did this when the Gurkha were more that terrifying enough with them any way. 



British Army Gurkha Kukri socket bayonet (Reproduction)


So then what are your favorite blades?

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