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Since we're all new here, think it'd be great to start a thread where everyone can post a little about themselves. Here are some suggested things to add, but feel free to add anything else you'd like!

Have you played any of the Expedition games? Which was your favorite
What kinds of games do you like to play? (Aside from Turn Based RPGs of course!)
Bonus Question: Do you have any pets?

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Name/Handle = THQN Brad

I played both previous games. I loved the storytelling in Vikings, so that's my favorite

I play all types of games (name a genre, I've probably played it some!)

Sadly I don't have any pets; we lost our dear pet rabbit earlier this year. She was quite old and had a great life, but miss her every day =(

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Name/Handle = Fijure

I played both Conquistador and Viking several times. I am one of those who appreciate COnquistador more, because it had a better open world feel, that really gave a sense of exploration. 

For games Expeditions is actually the only RPG; I mostly play RTS and shooters. 

I used to have a pet mudskipper but regrettably it is dead as a dodo. 

Bonus information: I made the TVTropes article for Expeditions: Conquistador many years ago. 

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- Scylla or Saint Scylla
- I've heard lots of good things about both Conquistador and Viking but didn't get to play them yet. Rome will probably be my entry in the series 🙂
- I play all kinds of PC games but with a marked preference for turn-based genres such as tacticals, board games, deckbuilders, 4X and more. I'm one of the admins of Turn-Based Tactics, a Steam community run by gamers for gamers and dedicated to these genres.

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- SolInvictus (I'm a fan of Emperor Aurelian if you couldn't tell :D)

- Never played Expeditions before but my love for Ancient Rome led me to found this game. I'm very excited about it as having a story game centered in this era which is not a strategic game (aka Total war) is very rare

- Play all kind of historical games (Total War, Paradox) also enjoy some fantasy RPGs or tactical combats (Obsidian's Tyranny for example).

- No pets but enjoying doing trip into the nature and admire the wild animals in their own natural environment.

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  • Gwydden, shockingly enough.
  • I've played both previous games, though I am currently working on finishing them. Of the two, Viking is much more my speed.
  • I'd say I play about 60% strategy games, 30% RPGs, and 10% small indie titles (platformers, point & click adventures, co-op games...).
  • Alas, no pets. Too expensive. Hope springs eternal, though.
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1/ IsaMajor or Isa.

2/ I've played Vikings and I really loved the game (300+ hours on it, I tried to do every choice or route, I've researched all dialogues and etc into the editor...). And since I'm French, I've been really impressed by the translation, too.

3/ I like classical RPGs (not action ones) and games like Civilization and Crusader Kings.

Bonus : I've three cats (Missy, Nugget and Patapon)




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Tokala - I wrote some comments, but did not introduce myself - not very polite, Iam sorry.

I played Conquistador (after Vikings) and enjoyed it very much - it made me play Vikings again, especially since I did not finish it completely the last time. The concept is outstanding altogether.

My favourite games are indeed turnbased RPG`s, preferrably with a good story, intelligent dialogues , deep characters (it all started with Baldur`s Gate, yes :-), but to mention a few newer ones , e.g. Tyranny or Blades of the Shogun).

And since good ones take their time to develop I sometimes enjoy adventures (e.g. Book of Unwritten Tales) in between.

I used to have dogs - they died - fortunately of old age - but I love cats as well, most animals actually.

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Hi I’m Augustus,

  • I’m new to Expedition Games. I have an interest in Roman history which led me to this game and Total War 2 Rome
  • ( If someone could lead me to a site on how to battle on hexagon field would be appreciated) 
  • I typically play driving games and enjoy ATS and ETS. This game is totally new to me. 
  •  I have a dog and had several cats. I love all animals. 
  • I look forward to learning how to play this game. 
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Heya I'm Kush,

Huge history fan on most areas of the world, veteran, and current grad student.

Played the Expeditions games since Conquistador and I greatly enjoyed Vikings, so here is hoping for Rome to kick this outta the park as well!~

Been a life long gamer, started with shooters like Halo and Cod, 4X games like to Civilization and Total War, to RPGs like Knights of the Old Republic and Dragon Age to Logic Artists. List goes further but i think it's a fair summarization.

Both me and my girlfriend are really looking forward to this game, see you all in Rome comrades!~

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Hello, I'm Redglyph or Red.

  • Expeditions: Viking. My first contact with Expeditions, after following the Dev Diaries for a while, was the demo of Rome. I wanted to see another game of the series before the release, so I recently started Viking. Too early to tell which will be my favourite 😇
  • Classical RPGs, favourites being Pathfinder Kingmaker & WotR. Also played D:OS, PoE, Encased, ATOM, Solasta... Other than that, I used to play a lot on flight sims like P3D, X-Plane, IL2, DCS, for training and for fun. Then some puzzle games like Exapunks, Opus Magnum, The Swapper, ...
  • No pet but we've got a lot of squirrels and other, bigger animals wandering around. Squirrels are really messy and disorganized animals 😂

Really enjoying Viking, and enjoyed the demo of Rome. The historical dimension is definitely a plus for me in tactical games, it's the perfect occasion to brush up on forgotten knowledge and to learn something more than just a ruleset.

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